Why use mastermind groups as an entrepreneur?

If you feel alone as an entrepreneur and in need of some support, a mastermind group could be the way to go.  Used as a fresh pair of eyes or an unofficial board for your business, a mastermind group can add value to your personal development as well as to the business.

Many mastermind groups are used to encourage growth so that you can reach your potential by sharing ideas, mutual support and encouragement and even possible collaboration.  They are a way of sharing your experiences, learning from each other and working through genuine issues you are each having in your business.  By working through problems together you can consider many different ideas and options, people can give opinions and offer solutions.

The concept of mastermind groups is still new to many people although high flying business owners have always considered them to be a valuable tool in personal and business development with many business mentors running them as an additional service to their mentoring clients.  Mastermind groups were utilised by Napoleon Hill in his book, ‘Think and Grow Rich’, first published in 1937. He suggested a mastermind group would help you navigate through challenges using the collective intelligence of others.  In fact he suggested that the most successful people he met were members of mastermind groups

Mastermind groups are particularly powerful when the members all have a similar or shared goal or overall area of interest that they wish to focus on.  For example, a group of business owners who are all trying to grow their business or a group of business owners who are all focused on writing and publishing a book.

The group you join in a mastermind setting will become an exclusive community. Your shared experiences will bring you closer together and you will begin to turn to each other, overcoming the feeling of being alone as a business owner.   Setting goals together and holding each other to account as well as celebrating successes together is a tried and trusted method of developing business people.

Your network will grow not just from the members of the network, but their individual networks and connections can now become yours and you can work together to promote each other.  When a mastermind works well it can be a powerful solution to your struggles as a lonely entrepreneur.  In addition, other members of the group can help in keeping you up to date with changes, things you may have not seen but they have.

Fancy joining a mastermind group.  I run groups around special areas of interest and in various locations, so email me for further information.

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