What can I gain from joining a mastermind group?

If you sometimes feel alone in business and in need of someone else to speak to in a safe supportive environment then a mastermind group could be for you.  Since Napoleon Hill wrote about masterminding in his book “Think and Grow Rich” first published in 1937, they have become increasingly popular with business owners of all types.

A mastermind group can generally offer you:

Mutual Support through empathy and understanding, with many of the group either experiencing or previously had experience of similar difficulties to your own.

Collaboration can come about when group members can see a way of working together in order to achieve something within their respective businesses.

Knowledge and keeping up to date takes time, but now everyone in the group can bring their knowledge to the group and share it so you don’t have to rely just on your own knowledge.

Accountability can be provided by the group members to help you achieve your goals.

Networking and building your networking both with group members and their own connections.

Friendship. It is possible that your mastermind members become more than business connections, but real friends you can turn to at any time and not just about business matters.

Advice from those with more ideas, experience or knowledge particular on specific areas of business which are their area of expertise.

Learn from one another, develop new skills and understanding from the sharing of knowledge.

Inspiration as you see others achieve and develop. They can inspire you to keep trying and putting in the effort.  

Feedback on your ideas and plans before you spend valuable resources on them.

Celebration when you have achieved and support when you have not.

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