How to start a business – round up of my recent posts on business as a mum

I’ve been adding lots of new business information recently so here is a quick re-cap of some of my thoughts on business and how to start a business as a mum.

Business start up

Starting up in business can be really exciting as well as a bit daunting.  My ten steps to business launch  blog post should help you consider your idea, your market place and finance as well as other key areas for start up.  In general I recommend people make a plan and chunk things up into manageable sections and work on one thing at a time.  Set deadlines and realistic aims and targets.

It’s important to keep on going even after the first flush of excitement has gone.  My article how to be a success even after the excitement of business start up fades  takes a look at keeping focused, setting targets and rewards, keeping moving forward and celebrating your successes.  If you are struggling to keep motivated find other people in business who will support and encourage you work with a coach or better still get a business mentor.

Business as a woman and a mum

I appreciate that trying to go to work as a mum can be difficult.  My children are grown up (23 and 15) but they still take up time and I have always worked or run the business while the children were small. I worry however when my coaching clients say they are starting or started a business in order to have more time with the children.  They seem to believe that it will be easier, more flexible than going to work. It is possible that running your own business can be more flexible than working for someone else but its not perfect either.

If you work for yourself you are beholden to your customers and they are often more demanding than the most demanding of bosses.  There is no sick leave, flexi hours depend on your customers needs not yours and whilst the idea of working from home while baby sleeps or the kids play nicely sounds perfect I rarely found the reality matched this and often wasn’t the best work environment.

But it is possible to start up a business which doesn’t ruin your life and you can have a flexible business.  Consider what you are willing to do, what hours you can realistically work and develop a business around you and your family rather than trying to squeeze your family into your business.  This may mean you have to review the possible income and potential growth of the business.  It’s not about having it all but about having a better balance.

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  1. It’s really important to stay real and let those about to start in business that going it alone is all consuming. I don’t have children, but I do have dogs and they need my time and attention.

    The breaks I get from walking them really helps my level of concentration and gives me a much needed rest.

    • You are so right Jacqui it’s not just about being a mum but family, friends and pets who need us and we need them. The break from work is important and nothing beats spending time with someone or something that gives us pleasure.

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