So you’re a business owner … what now?

Starting a business is actually rather easy.  In fact it’s worryingly easy.  All you need is to have an idea, buy some stock, set up a web site and hey presto you’re a business owner. Yes it’s exciting but wow it’s also very scary.  I’m sure you put a lot of thought and effort into starting your business but the reality is the ‘starting’ part is easy, it’s running the business and making a profit which proves hard.

Now you’re a business owner you really need to  make this work; you need to find customers, make a profit and prove to everyone that this was the best idea ever , that it was a good move and not suicidal as far as your career is concerned.  You’re trying to run a business, around the hectic schedule you and your family have and also find a way to enjoy all that work and whatever  life brings you.

I mean how hard can this be?  You have heard and even met other women who have made it work for them. They did exactly the same as you and they are enjoying the fruits of their labour now. So why isn’t it working for you?

Now let’s get some facts straight here.  Not all you hear and see from other business owners is the full reality; believe me I know, I get to see the real deal.  Others may tell you business is good and all is well.  But it doesn’t mean that it is, or that they are making the profits you think they are.  Most businesses take months, if not years, to start making real profits so that you, as the business owner, can start taking an income from it.

The reality at the moment is many business owners, new and old hands, are finding the business world tough.  But that doesn’t mean it can’t and won’t work for you. 

Let’s think about your business for a minute. 

You do it to make money right?

If you’re not doing it to make money then it’s a hobby.  That’s perfectly ok but hobbies are for fun in your spare time.  This business is taking up almost all your waking hours, you have money, passion and time invested in it and as you no longer have time to go to work, it really does need to bring you in an income.  Being a business owner can be a worry and at times is hugely frustrating.  I know because I’ve been there and supported many other business owners through their own business journeys.

It’s important to re-evaluate your business on a regular basis;consider how you are running it, what you are offering your customers and how you are, or could be, making a profit. Revisit your business plans and consider some of the following:

Less expenditure means more potential profit

Take time to evaluate expenditure  Are you spending money on things you could do without, that don’t give you the results you need, or could be renegotiated at better rates.     

Evaluate your time What are you spending your time on?   It’s very easy to be busy, but are you busy doing the things which will really benefit your business now?

Evaluate your customers Do your potential customers know you exist and what you offer? Do your current clients know what else you can do for them?

Review and reflect on what you’re doing to make your business the success you deserve it to be. Consider ways in which you could adapt and develop in order to provide you with a greater potential for success.

Running a business can be lonely and at times it can be hard to see the wood for the trees but sharing with, and learning from, others can be the key to business success.  Other businesses often use external people to support them in business growth and development via tools such as:

  1. Become part of an ideas generator group or mentoring circle
  2. Join a peer group of business owners
  3. Follow the lead of most of the FTSE 100 CEOs and get a Coach!

Join my business circle for peer group support, mentoring, training and one to one coaching. Learn and share with other business owners in a structured way.  Learn, Share and Connect with like-minded women business owners from around the UK.

Considering a mentor but not sure its for you?
Join my business circle for peer group support, mentoring, training and one to one coaching. Learn and share with other business owners in a structured way.  Learn, Share and Connect with like minded women business owners from around the UK.

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