How to produce greater profits by valuing you and your business

Wow we are nearly at the end of 2014, how has it been for you?  Have you produced greater profits than ever before? I know that many of my clients have said that this year has been a much better year for them business wise.  Yet they are still struggling with making the profit they deserve.

Does this sound familiar?

Well I’m not surprised. Research shows that women in business regularly earn less than their male counterparts and they often feel undervalued by their clients.  Even worse they are more likely to pay themselves very little and consider their needs lower than their staff.

So why is this and what can you do about it?  Well I think it’s about changing your mind set and view of your work and money.

In 2006 The Economist wrote an article about the value of women on the economy. The word womenomics was used in connection to the increased value, year on year, that women have been inputting into the economy. We are also regularly told that women have the highest impact on buying decisions and that their increased enterprise activities are beneficial to the economy.

Yet time and time again I am told that women don’t value their worth, undervalue their services and products and regularly undervalue their contribution to their business resulting in them undercompensating themselves as the business owner. This results in them not developing their businesses to their full potential nor earning their full potential. WOW! How frustrating.
Is this you? Do you work really hard yet earn very little? Do you see others in similar business earning more than you? Do you want 2015 to be different? Then read on…

Many women say the reason they started their own business was to feel more in control of their destiny and because they didn’t feel their employer valued them. Yet what I hear from these same women is that their customers don’t value what they do and they are not earning the amount they want or often need.

It’s no wonder you no longer feel in control of your destiny.

I think its time for you to consider why you are not charging the right amount for your services or products. You should be ensuring that you are valuing your skills and experience. If you don’t value them how can your customers?
The reality is you chooses to undervalue yourself, oh yes I did just say that, you choose to undervalue you. Now before you start telling me that actually its not you it’s your customers, excuse me but who chooses what products and services you offer and who chooses what price to sell them at. Oh yes as the boss that’s YOU!
Far too often I see women select the wrong products or the wrong type of business or market place to really earn the profit levels they both want and deserve. It’s not about taking big risks but about selecting a business model that can provide you with the ability to earn the money you need.
I truly believe that it’s all about how you value yourself and your worth. So indulge me and you for a moment here, do you actually feel that you are worth more? YES! Then you need to start making some choices.

You need to understand what you have, what you are capable of and what experiences, knowledge and ideas you bring to your business. The more you start to understand and value that you have a unique set of skills and experiences that others don’t have the easier it is for you to value your role in your business. Struggling? Well if you are feeling low and find yourself questioning if you even have any skills then at the very least can you value that you are putting time and effort into the business and for that alone you deserve some reward. Excellent.

I don’t know where this quote came from but was sent to me by a client who was struggling to deal with customers who undervalued her products. I rather like it and I hope you do too.

“Sometimes you have to walk away not because you want others to realise your value and worth but because you finally realise it for yourself”.

You see you need to be building a business which values you and your time which will be able to reward you. Often I meet women who seem to be self-sabotaging their earning potential by selecting to run a business with limited earning opportunity. Run a business which will enable you to be reasonably paid and your self –esteem and personal feeling of value will increase. Then continue to build on this and demonstrate to customers your worth by doing a really good job, being really good at what you do and providing excellent service and customers will begin to value you and your worth as well.

I hope this has shown you that you are responsible for valuing yourself and that others will value you only when you have seen your true worth.

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