My Top Ten Tips For Women Leaders

I was recently asked for my top tips for women leaders for Stylist magazine when I worked with them on a feature “How to be a great Leader”.  Since my ramblings in the magazine went down so well I thought I would now give you all my concise list of tips for women leaders.

  1. Have confidence in yourself and your decisions
  2. Be decisive in your actions
  3. Communicate messages positively, clearly and professionally at all times
  4. Network with others and develop business relationships built on trust
  5. Have a clear vision for yourself and your personal development, this will give you clarity of purpose
  6. Walk the walk and walk it tall
  7. Be true to yourself and your values
  8. Get yourself a good mentor
  9. Do work you enjoy and are good at, it builds your self belief and others confidence in you
  10. Believe in yourself

Let me know what top tips you would give to other women by posting them below.  Come on lets build an amazing list for women to consider.

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