Know what your customer wants and take the guesswork out of marketing

Understand your customers and know what they need and are willing to pay for.  Then offer it to them in an easily accessible way and bingo you have a successful marketing proposition.visualcageМокрый фасад – новейшая технология утепления

If this all sounds too simple, that’s because it is.  Yes, you can make it much more complicated and the reality is time and effort needs to be spent really getting to grips with this.  But the basics really come down to knowing who your customers are, what they need and want, and what they are prepared to pay for and offer them that.  Yet thousands of business owners don’t do this.  It’s likely that they become caught up in the idea of being in business, the excitement of being able to say I’m a business owner.  They become thrilled that they will be selling something they have developed, made or come up with.  They believe in their product and forget to listen to advice and guidance and check what they have is something that other people really want.  Do they want the service or product you are offering?

You see if no one believes in your product or sees the need for it, you now have a product or service where, no matter how well you market it, the potential for success is slim.

It’s hard admitting that your business idea isn’t working and you may have made a mistake ploughing your savings and every waking hour into a non-starter of a business. But all is not lost.  If you find yourself with a non-selling product, admitting it isn’t working is a huge step and one many people fail to make, so if you are still looking at making your business a success read on.

Rescuing your failing business will need some effort, but start by looking at your customers (however few) and look at the customers you thought you would be serving and start considering what they really need.  Consider if you really understand these customers, their work, their desires and their needs.  The more you can get inside their heads and understand them the easier it is for you to connect with them and provide them with what they actually need in a format they are happy with.

Spend time hanging out with your potential customers, go to events and the places they go.  Speak to them on forums and social media. Listen to what their problems are and look for ways of fixing their issues and connecting to their needs.  By offering them the solutions to their problems and showing an understanding for their needs they are more likely to trust you and buy from you.

That wasn’t actually a problem until you made it one.  Have you developed a business to answer a problem that doesn’t really exist? How many times have you seen this on Dragons Den type programmes, where a business owner has developed a product to answer a problem which really isn’t much of a problem and not one worth a gadget or expensive solution?  Check if what you are offering really does need to be available to more than a few people.

Be careful with all the research that you are not just asking pleasers.  Pleasers are people who just want to please in their responses and so asking them if they like your product or would buy your service is of little value because their response is likely to be one which they believe you wish to hear rather than the reality.  They don’t want to upset you or stamp on your enthusiasm so are unlikely to tell you if they don’t think it is a good idea.

Avoid friends and family as well because they are often unlikely to tell you the truth.  They are more likely to opt for a pleasers’ stance or being negative as they are worried that what you are doing is not a good idea.  But that can be from their prospective and not yours.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Ask strangers, professionals and your target market for feedback about your ideas.  Listen to what they have to say and take on board their ideas and views to help you modify and perfect your offerings.

Once you are sure you have it right test, test and test again. Offering tester samples and a cut-down version of a service for free or cheap will enable you to get some sensible feedback.  You can then tweak and adapt your offer until you have it right. Ask for feedback from those trialling your product and service about delivery, marketing, price, packaging and anything else you think they can help with.

Ask for testimonials from those who test your product, get them to provide feedback you can use on the packaging, marketing materials and in promotional activities.  Words from those who have tried your product or service can really increase people’s chances of buying from you.  Even better ask them to write reviews on websites or write a blog post with links back to your products.

Now you have connected with your customer base it is easier to know what marketing will work and, best of all, where to find them now you have a product you know they will love.

Perfect – they need you and you know how to connect with them. 



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