How to write a Marketing Plan in 3 steps – Step 2

Lets understand what’s important to us when we think about marketing.

If your like me in my business I guess promotion of products to make sales. Marketing is a tool which will enable your company to increase sales by promoting your company and products in such a way that it will encourage others to purchase from you.

Marketing is a very large subject area and could never be covered in a blog post.  Instead what I want to do is give you some ideas you can put into practice now.

A good place to start is to make a basic plan to market your business use my table below filling in the information as you go following the suggestions in the right hand column.  

 Fill in the following table

What are your products? What does your business sell? List your main products here, including any unique features.   Be really clear about what it is you are offering.  




What are your business objectives over the next two years?: Be as specific as possible, and make sure to address the goals such as number of customers, market share, profit or revenue.   
Who is likely to buy your products?   




Why do they want / need to buy your products?







List your main likely customer base.  If you could sell to women with children throughout the UK then that’s your potential customer base.    
Where can you promote to this customer base?    Using your customer base identified above were can you find this group of people and how can you tell them about your business.  If its women with children what web sites do they visit, magazines do they buy etc
How could you expand your customer base?    



You have two main options, sell again to the customers you already have or find new customers.  You could look at each individually but remember selling to existing customers is easier than finding new ones. 
How could you reach this new customer base?   



Consider were you can find them and what you could do to tell them about your business, consider launch parties, articles in local paper, mailing potential clients.  The list is endless but be sensible about what you can afford and the return it could bring.  
How much resources can you put into marketing your products?   








List the amount of time and money you could invest in marketing your products.    




What is the anticipated return on investment?    


How much business do you need to get back into your business following this investment?  For example Two new customers for every marketing campaign.   Be realistic about possible returns but also think about the worth of their business per marketing investment.  
Who are your competitors? List your competitors and any advantages they have.   





How can you differentiate from your competitors?  What makes you different from your competitors, price, level of service, way in which you deliver services?   


What made you start your business and why do you want it to be a success?    





To help keep you motivated add your personal business aims and reasons in here.    





The information you have added above has given you a great start.  This can be used as a basic Marketing Plan to help move your business forward.

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