Getting your first customers could be the key to your business success

No matter what your business is, those first customers are key.   They are the ones who will break the ice for you, take you from a person with a business, to a person with a business and customers.  These first customers will help you understand how your business will really work.  You will be nervous to start with and cutting your teeth on some ‘safe’ clients can be the key to your long term business success.

Use your contact books of friends, family, ex-colleagues and mums down at the school yard to help you find your first customers.  Tell people in a clear easy way what your new business is, what you’re selling and who your ideal customers are.  Say you would love it if they could tell others about your new business as well.  Have a launch party or open day so you can show people your products etc.  People who already know and trust you will be your best sales team. 

When you have those first all-important clients, go the extra mile.  Make sure they have a great experience buying from you and encourage them to tell others.  These first customers can be your spokes-people, they can give you testimonials, references, referrals and generally give that feedback you need at the beginning to get your business up and running and boost your confidence. 

Keep at it; one customer today can lead to two more tomorrow.

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