Feeling lost and confused, no direction in life or just miserable in your job I have a book for you

Having spoken to Nadia about her work with women I was keen to read her new book written with her colleague Emily. As a lover of shoes I wasn’t sure about the title “More to life than shoes – how to kick-start your career and change your life” as it doesn’t help me in my argument for buying another pair of shoes, but I love the way Nadia and Emily play with this concept and others throughout the book. The often tongue in cheek references and honesty from the authors makes the book more of a personal journey and you real do feel part of their adventure to discover what makes women happy in their careers and lives.

It was an interesting read and some of the women featured in the book are inspirational as well as helping you to see that if we want to any of us can make a drastic shift in our lives to enable us to feel more content with what we do. Possibly aimed more at younger women (well younger than me) and particularly those who have yet to find their “real thing” in life, that job, business or activity which makes them feel alive, valued and just plain happy.

I definitely recommend this book to women who feel lost and confused with no direction in life and if your miserable in your job read this book now.

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