Confidence – What is it? Do you have it? How do you get it?

For most of us, however, it is someone’s characteristics, demeanour, communication style and general manner which makes us feel that they are confident.  They make us feel safe with them as they put us at our ease due to their obvious capabilities.Изготовление печатей и штамповMountains Photo

Obviously confidence levels can change depending on the situation, but some people seem to always be comfortable and confident no matter what the situation.When I think of confident people I think of those who are:

It’s easy for us to compare ourselves to others, believing they are better than us.  Yet this is a demoralising and useless activity.  It will never make us feel better about ourselves or motivate us to improve.  It just makes us feel of less value and therefore less confident in ourselves.

Instead of considering what you can’t do and haven’t done, start reflecting more on what you have achieved, what you can do and celebrate your successes, however small.  It is easy to get bogged down in what you still need to do to make your business a success rather than be pleased with what you have achieved.

The more self-confidence you have, the more likely it is that you’ll succeed.  Although self-confidence comes with time, experience and a belief in yourself, here are a few ideas to help you instantly feel more confident.

The new confident ‘You’ can accept that you have done your best, you are only human and may make mistakes, but it’s ok.  Like everyone else you will have good and bad days.  You must accept that this is the case without it affecting your self-esteem.  The more confident ‘You’ can re-bound from bad days and be happy with what you have.

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