Ten tips to refocus on your business

We can all lose focus at times and I often wonder if I will ever get mine back. Here are my top ten tips on refocussing yourself to help your business achievements.

1. Think about what you have achieved for you and others consider all the things you have managed to achieve since thinking of starting your business. I’m sure you have learned loads but rarely consider it. None of what you have achieved would be possible without focus, you now need to re-build it to keep growing your business.

Additionally, consider the impact you and your business has had on others, the community you work within, maybe people you have employed or purchased items from, what about the things you can now help others with due to your new found knowledge as a business owner.Movie A Dog’s Purpose (2017)

2. Speak to your customers and remind yourself why you do this, how you help others and how much they enjoy your products or services. Talk to them about why they buy from you, what they especially like and how you can improve or add to what you offer. They will help you remember why you started this and how you can keep moving things forward.

3. Detox your business – get rid of anything in your business that didn’t work or you no longer do. We all have ideas we try, things we buy or projects we start that don’t work out, don’t materialise or people just don’t buy. Holding onto these things reminds us every time we see them. Move them out of your workspace, better still move them out of your life by giving them away to charity or binning them.

This is true of old stock which didn’t sell, old files on the computer of projects that didn’t take off or contracts / tenders you didn’t win. Those things which every time you look at them remind you that you didn’t succeed are just holding you back. Bin them now.

4. Get some rest often poor focus is connected to poor sleep. When we are deprived of sleep we tend to be less able to focus our minds prefer to work on simple ideas or solutions and can become easily distracted therefore finding it hard to achieve anything. This downward spiral makes you feel you are not achieving and so you worry and then find it hard to sleep.

5. Remove yourself from distractions if you need to get something done to a deadline take yourself away from your usual workspace, only take with you the things you need to work on for this project and leave behind distractions such as phones, mobiles, e-mail and other people.

Additionally, learn to make a plan at the beginning of the day and prioritise things by importance / impact on the business and not ease of completion. Work on one thing at a time ticking off the list as you go. Only checking messages / e-mails and other distractions such as social media between tasks.

6. Eat healthily there are others that know a lot more about this than me but we are all aware of the effect foods and drinks can have on our attention, try and snack on nuts, fruit and vegetable pieces rather than biscuits and sweets. Drink water at work and make sure you eat and drink enough even when you are busy or distracted.

7. Consider your strengths and how you can play to them in your business. We can often get distracted in our business believing we need to do everything or offer everything to our customers. You need to consider where your strengths lie and play to those. Buy in help from others with their own strengths which compliment yours and forge collaborations with others who equally have differing strengths to you.

8. Have some fun enjoy laughing with friends and family and try and have fun with your team and customers. The happier you feel about life and the business the easier it is to feel able to focus when it is necessary.

9. Take exercise I know that this seems like a distraction but even a walk in the fresh air mid-day or a family cycle ride after work can really help keep your mind and body active and more able to focus when you are back in work mode.

10. Say NO more if you’re naturally a people pleaser it is likely that you find yourself doing all sorts for other people which don’t help you in achieving your own goals and plans. By learning to say NO more often you can start saying yes more often to your business.

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