Achieving your big goals step by step

We can often aim too small when considering our goals. Setting ones which are small, achievable and not too risky Infographic: Achieving your big goals step by step infographicenables us to quickly get a win. Yet all to often the goals we set are not achieved because the thought of achieving them didn’t provide us with enough drive.

  1. Set your big goal first. Don’t worry about it being too big as long as it is important to you to work towards it. You can always amend it if it becomes too small or your needs or motivation changes.
  2. Break down your big goal into smaller goals. Consider every element you need to do in order to achieve the bigger goal. Use these elements to set smaller goals which you can work on as and when to help you achieve the bigger goal.
  3. Break the smaller goals down into tasks. Each of the smaller goals will have activities or tasks which need to be achieved. These are your day-to-day activities which are helping you work towards your overall goal.
  4. Work on tasks. Just keep working on those tasks, ticking them off as you go knowing that you are still working towards that bigger goal.
  5. Celebrate each task / goal completed. Give yourself a break, this is hard work. Celebrate achieving small elements of your overall goal to help keep yourself motivated.
  6. Keep focusing on the bigger goal. Keep that bigger goal in mind, remind yourself why you are doing this and what it will be like when you have achieved that bigger goal.
  7. Say NO to opportunities that don’t help you achieve the big goal. Keep focused: other things will crop up that seem like a great idea but if you know it won’t help you achieve your end goal then consider if you should do it or not.
  8. Keep reviewing your big goal (things change). Life changes and things which seemed important before may no longer hold significance. Maybe you wanted to earn enough to give up your work and sail around the world, but now you have a new relationship, health problems or a child and so the bigger goal of sailing around the world no longer fits your life or seems relevant.

Finally keep at it, you only achieve your bigger goals if you know why it is important to you to achieve them. Focus on your ‘Why’ so that you don’t become distracted by other possibilities.

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