Shape up your business in 30 days

Are you serious about your business?


Then why are you giving up on it?

Half of all UK start ups will fail in their first five years

This doesn’t need to be you!

You’re not alone

If you feel that the love, enthusiasm and passion you had when you first started your business has disappeared, you’re not alone.

Every week I have business owners telling me that they are struggling to run their business, that not only is it hard work but they struggle to bring in the income they need and still enjoy being their own boss.  Working so hard, yet still not having the rewards you deserve can take its toll.

If you are serious about your business then it’s time shape it up and scale it up.

If you run your own business as a sole trader or micro business then my 30 day “Shape up your business challenge” is for you.  A FREE programme for any business owner who feels stuck and in need of some rejuvenation – not just of their business but of themselves.

As a mentor to business owners, I work with them to build a profitable business by looking at their business model and themselves.  You are the key to success in your business and I’ll show you how in my FREE 30-day programme.

Let’s shape up your business…challenge image

Every day for 30 days I will send you a FREE e-mail with an exercise for you to complete.  Some will be simple and quick and others will need more consideration and effort.  It is possible to complete the exercises at no additional financial cost, but they will need some time. However, if you’re serious about making your business work, you need to give it some time.

I’m sure you are serious about making your business work and that’s why you are reading this.  So what are you waiting for? You and your business could be more successful, more profitable and more content in just 30 days.

What will you get?

red-link30 days of e-mails – each day with a challenge, an activity to help you turn around your business and make it more profitable


Support from an on-line group


Extra resources, help videos and recommended products


Tips and ideas from sought after business mentor and business turnaround coach, Rebecca Jones

All this for, well nothing. Just sign up for your 30 day’s worth of free e-mails to “Shape up your business” and regular support updates.

Congratulations on your first step towards getting your business back in shape. Keep an eye on your mailbox for a message from me.

We’re in this together

Even better, you won’t be doing this alone.  Each day I will not only make suggestions of what you should be doing, but also give you tips and tricks, ideas, and suggestions and examples from my other clients to help you complete the tasks and shape up your business.

What’s more, you can connect with myself and others working their way through the “Shape up your business – 30 day challenge” in a Facebook group to share your experiences, connect us to your work, show us your progress and ask questions.

Why work with me?

You might wonder, why you should work with me? I started my first business at 19. It was a disaster, so I took myself back to college and then university to learn about business, leadership and personal development.  Since then I have set up run, purchased and sold businesses and now have more than two decades of business experience.  Called in to help failing businesses, mentor business owners who are stuck and speak at conferences to audiences of hundreds of business owners, I know my stuff.

Are you still here? Then I’ll stop, so you can go and sign up now and join in with my campaign to shape up more businesses before the end of 2015.  How many more businesses do I want to shape up? Well, that’s my private target and when I have hit it this will no longer be available for free.





The Red Shoe Biz Woman

PS – This is a rolling programme. You can jump on at any point and work through at your own pace, but don’t hang about because I am only offering this for free until I have hit my private target of businesses I have helped.

Congratulations on your first step towards getting your business back in shape. Keep an eye on your mailbox for a message from me.

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Success disclaimer

I don’t promise that doing this will make you into a millionaire, nor can I guarantee that it will mean you only have to work two hours a week for a six figure salary.  But what I can guarantee is I work with hundreds of business owners every year and use my tried and tested methods again and again, and they seem to be happy with the results.