The dos and don’ts of Facebook – get your business seen

If your business is not already on Facebook then what are you waiting for? As the new platform to get your business seen, Facebook is likely to be the place that most of your customers are spending their time. Whether they are just checking what’s going on in their Social circle or they are connecting with friends and family Facebook’s audience is growing. Business marketing in the current marketplace can be very fragmented. It’s not as easy as 20 years ago when you placed an advertisement in the Yellow Pages, maxing your budget to get the biggest presence you could afford and an ad in your local newspaper, now you have so many options and it is so confusing. The list is endless and the mixture of print, online, radio, TV and other forms of advertising can leave you feeling so confused you don’t know where to start.

Ask others for help

It is worth asking yourself and your friends, family and customers where their influences come from. Most of the time if people are looking for a product they turn to Google or another popular search engine. Google is like the good old Yellow Pages – if you wanted something you pulled out the big yellow book. But what about the influencers? If Google is the new Yellow Pages then Facebook must be the new form of display advertising – the type that needs to influence people and make them stop and take notice. So if you are unsure as to the dos and don’ts and how you make it work for you just take a look at these tips:

Do consider 

Ensure that you have an active personal account on Facebook. You don’t need to use it for yourself personally but you do need to have an account to create a business page now.

Invite your friends and ask them to share your page. Whilst it is important to ensure that the audience you are getting is a relevant audience you also need to start somewhere and once you get 30 likes you will be given access to your page insights as well as a permanent Facebook web address for your business.

Post regularly

If you don’t you will lose the momentum you build. You can use a scheduling tool like Hootsuite or Buffer to post a few days or weeks’ worth of content at a time. Then all you need to do is check in and respond to messages which you will be alerted to on your smartphone if you allow notifications.

Entertain and educate! It is important to ensure that people want to hear what you have to say to encourage engagement and interaction. Mix up the content between what is relevant and what is topical and occasionally what just makes people laugh.

Give it the personal touch! As Facebook is a social platform people use it in their downtime. By showing them the real people behind your business and letting them get to know you and your business you will start to build a relationship with your audience that will instil trust and reputation. When someone asks if anyone knows of someone who does what you do they will be more likely to recommend you.


Sell, sell, sell – if all you do is talk about how great your products or services are people will soon switch off. Work on a 4-1-1 theory – 4 entertaining or informative posts, 1 subtle sell and 1 sales push. This way people will keep their interest and still see what you are all about.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Post too much. Nothing worse than your newsfeed being full of posts from a particular person or company. Eventually people will unlike your page and your numbers will drop.

Buy fake likes. Under no circumstance ever should you pay someone a miniscule amount of money for a few thousand likes. Facebook can recognise these actions and your page visibility will drop as they won’t place your posts into people’s newsfeeds on top of the fact that these people will never engage with your brand. The more relevant your audience and the more engaged they are with you the more your posts will be shown to people.

Post once a week. This is a waste of time and you won’t see any benefits. You need to find a balance between posting too little and too often. Once a day is a good amount to post or spaced out 2-3 daily max.

Expect overnight results. Facebook as with other social media platforms take time to establish a relevant audience and to get regular interaction. Don’t give up because you can’t see instant results!

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