What can dancing in the street teach you about marketing your new business start up?

New business start-ups are often trying to stand out or do something different believing that will get them noticed.  But being noticed isn’t the problem.  It can often be easier to get noticed than it is to get those, oh so important, first customers.  You see, many small businesses confuse getting noticed (through media, PR and networking) with getting customers.  What you want is customers who come to you and spend.reteksКасатка

I found this video recently and I love the idea of dancing in the street, being willing to stand apart and get noticed.  The main guy is fab but you can see the other guy behind doing his own thing but never really connecting with the first dancer or anyone else.

 Update:  Sadly the video I found is no longer available to view, but I think you will still get the point I am making

The original dance encourages others to join in.  This leads to another guy joining in who is more animated than either of the original two.  But no one else joins them.

This video shows us the difference that people can make when willing to stand out from the crowd and do something different.  It shows us how some people are willing to take a risk and join in, but others pass on by.

As a new business we need to stand out from the crowd, be noticed and get others to feel comfortable with our idea and be willing to join in or indeed buy from us.  As new business owners we often automatically expect others to join us and believe in what we do just as much as we do ourselves.

When your business is new, providing something in a different way, or is unique, those first few customers need to be willing to stand up and say I’ll take a chance.  Saying I’ll take a chance to buy from a new start up means you, as a customer, will be standing out from the crowd just as much as the new start up itself is willing to stand apart from other businesses.

Not everyone is willing to take a risk to be seen to be doing something different, they will pass on by and not join in your street dancing.  But others will join in take a look at your business start up and possibly join you and buy from you.  Those first customers are the ones willing to join in with your street dancing as they don’t fear standing apart and being the first followers of a new business.

Once several people have joined you and become your initial customers it becomes easier for others to follow.  Someone else has set a trend; someone else has tested the new kid on the block; someone else has recommended that you’re worth a go.  The risk is now lessened to try something new because others have checked it out first.

In business remember, if what you offer is very different or unique people will need to be brave to stand apart and say I’m going to try this.  If you are not rewarding those brave souls that test you out, getting your first few customers can be harder work than just standing out from the crowd.


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