Top seven tips on how to manage your time as a mum in business for a more peaceful life

Its crazy some days, isn’t it, balancing children, work, life, domestic activities and not forgetting those unexpected things which seem to crop up and need sorting.  It’s no wonder most days you have a bad head, that you don’t cook a proper meal and remembering to exercise and look after yourself is something from the distant past.Клесты

But wouldn’t it be better to feel more in control, feel life was more peaceful and business was more structured?

TIP ONE – Have a large whiteboard style calendar in the kitchen which can be used to add everyone’s activities, work plans etc.  For example, add whose turn it is to collect children from school or nursery, who is taking and collecting from activities and check each week that everything is organised and in control.

TIP TWO – Don’t take on too much.  Be realistic about what you can achieve and how many things you and your family can pack into a week when you are all busy with work and school.  By doing less but enjoying it more, because you are less fraught and have time to enjoy the activity, you will gain in the long run (believe me, I’ve learnt from this one!)

TIP THREE – Plan the food for the week so whoever is home first knows what’s for tea and can get it started. By writing it on a board in the kitchen you don’t have to think what to make each night and the children know what it is in advance to save the moaning and negotiation over something else. If you are really organised plan a week in advance, get the family to each choose a meal for the list and then use the list to do your on-line grocery shopping.

TIP FOUR – Teach the children to take responsibility for their bags for activities like swimming, football etc.  Encourage them to have a bag for each activity and keep the items in that bag after each training session or club.  When something has been washed get them to put the item back in the bag so when it’s swimming day you are not dashing about looking for trunks and goggles.

TIP FIVE –Keep space in your diary for those inevitable days when the children are ill or the school is closed.  By having some slack time in your working week changes in childcare become less of a stress and more of a treat to have more time with the kids.

TIP SIX – Learn to switch off your phone and laptop when you are with the family.  It’s unlikely that anything life changing is going to happen while you and the children bake a cake together.  So why are you always checking your phone?  Take control and learn to enjoy non-work time.  This is a skill you can teach your children now, that work is work and family is family.  Yes there are times when you have to deal with work emergencies at home or even on holiday, but make them an exception rather than the rule.

TIP SEVEN – Stress less about the small stuff and enjoy the things you get to do together with your family.


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