Sharing your knowledge and skills to become an authority

dreamstime_s_45626766Who do you look up to? Is there someone in your industry that you aspire to be like and that you would look to for advice? Maybe there is a public figure that you follow that you draw your inspiration from.

For many of us we have that person. The person whose quotes we recite, whose blogs we read and who we hold up as our icon. How do those people become that authority and hold such a position of respect? Well they didn’t get there because they weren’t good at what they do. They are people who have taken risks, made mistakes and then succeeded, learnt from experience and that now share their experience with people like you.

Look around you – who is there in your industry that you see as this person? Who is the most respected, trusted, well-known figure locally in your profession? There may not be anyone but the chances are that there is always that one person who is seen as the expert.

Becoming an authority or an industry expert

It is not impossible to become that figure yourself. If you know what you are doing and are good at what you do then you can build your own position as an expert in your profession. Now more than ever you have a platform for sharing your expertise. Platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter allow you to share your knowledge through blogs, sharing tips, useful articles and information. Do you have a blog? If not get one and start blogging about your industry. They don’t have to be award winning literary pieces – most blogs just come from people sitting and typing what comes naturally. If you have to force it then it then is it really coming from you?

Use the internet to give you a voice – what better place to find an audience?

Get yourself a blog on your website and start writing. Even if you can’t work out how to upload the blogs or where to start simply write the articles and get someone to post them for you. Share them on your social media pages and via your newsletter, send them by email to your regular customers. Before long you will build yourself a reputation as a reliable source of information even if it is just within your local network.

Networking is another useful way to build a reputation. Go to local networking events, connect with others on LinkedIn. If there are tradeshows or events locally make sure you have a presence. You have to put yourself out there if you want to be seen and heard.

Building a reputation as someone who is an expert in their field will only add to your bottom line. Recommendations will increase and people will want you and your company to provide the products or service that you provide.

It’s not easy. It doesn’t come from a few good intentions. It requires consistency and persistency. The rewards will be well worth it though.