Self-learning and development is key to building a business

homebox-business-growthIn our last article we looked at learning new skills and how they could enhance your business potential. For some of you it may be hard to learn new skills that involve certifications or qualifications. There may not be such a thing for your chosen profession. This doesn’t mean that you can’t learn new skills or learn new things though. There may not be courses or classes that you can attend but this doesn’t prevent you from seeking out the information yourself.

There is a wealth of knowledge at our finger tips!

Have you ever wondered how those around you seem to have so much knowledge? How do they know so much about so much? Is it the way they talk or the things they share on social media that lead you to believe that they have endless amounts of knowledge that you kick yourself for not knowing? They aren’t just born knowing everything – these people read, research and teach themselves. They probably read articles, conduct research, subscribe to information and find out as much as they can on a certain subject. This kind of self-learning is vital for people to stay up to date in their industry or profession.

We live in a world that is full of information – we don’t have to go and sit in libraries and search. For those of you that have a smart phone it is all there in the palm of our hands. All you need to do to stay up to date with news, information and fact is use Google! Never before have we had access to so much information.

What do you find when you google your chosen subject?

Don’t put this aside and think you will do it later. Do something right now that will increase your knowledge. If you are reading this now pick up your smart phone and google your profession or a skill that is involved. What do you want to know?

  • What is the latest news for your industry?
  • Are there any new products or services available?
  • What articles are available to read?
  • What are your competitors doing – what information are they sharing on Facebook?
  • What is available on Twitter and Facebook? Simply start your search with a hashtag in the search bar followed by the subject and see what you find.

Does what you find surprise, motivate or inspire you?

Wouldn’t it be good if there was an alert that sent everything to you every day? Well there is! You can set yourself up a Google Alert for the same time every day. Simply go to Google and type “Google Alert” in the search bar. Then follow the steps to set up a Google Alert on any given subject. You can set up more than one and then every day at the same time any news or anything that Google thinks is relevant will be emailed to you. As well as this you can follow leading industry specialists on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook and stay up to date with information that they post or share. You don’t have to spend hours every week reading – you can read snippets on the tube, with your morning coffee or when you have a spare five minutes. It will make all the difference.