How to build a start-up business that doesn’t ruin your life

Building a business from scratch means you are able to put your own stamp on it, drive it in the direction you want and ensure your own values and beliefs are taken into account in the decision making process.  As a new business owner now is the time for you to build personal boundaries into your business.  Knowing what will and won’t be acceptable to you in your business is as important as knowing your Unique Selling Point (USP), your cash flow forecast and understanding your market.  If you don’t believe me then let me explain.соответствие качества и цен при строительстве.Млекопитающие

Over the lifetime of your business, be that a short term growth business you sell on or a long term business you can pass on to your children, you and your family will continue to have a life.  The world will keep turning and things will occur that will sometimes distract you from the business and sometimes mean you have to say no to your family and friends because the business will have to come first.  Running a business means you can’t just phone in sick and know someone else will pick up the slack, you can’t take a half day annual leave at the drop of a hat to sort out your latest family crisis.  Any time away from the business can have consequences for the business.  Yet, often more importantly, there are consequences to your relationship with your family and friends when you have let them down because of the commitment you have to your business.

If you had envisaged a business which meant you could have more time with your family and friends then read on.

Business owners can become just a little obsessed with their new baby, this idea they have been considering and mulling over for years has now been born and needs nurturing and hand-holding as it grows and develops.  It becomes increasingly hard to know what you should and shouldn’t be doing to develop the business and so many new business owners become busy doing “stuff” to and for the business without considering the benefit or value they are adding.  They become distracted from the need of the world away from the business.  All of a sudden the business changes from something they do in their spare time, around the needs of their already busy life, to something which takes up every waking moment and half the night as well.

If this isn’t what you want then consider the following very carefully and you can enjoy a balance of business, life and family.

Finally I know you will come up with some amazing new ideas, that’s how you have got to the point you are at now.  But new ideas can easily distract you from what you really should be doing.  Jot your idea down in an idea book and when the time is right, the time is available and everything else seems right go back to your idea book rather than being distracted by the bright new shiny ideas today.

Knowing your plans, boundaries and reasons for building your own business and keeping them at the forefront of your mind will help you make decisions to ensure you build a business which doesn’t take over your every working moment and ruin your life.

Let me know what you have done to build a business which doesn’t ruin your life by sharing your experiences below.


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