The art of delegation when growing your business

shutterstock_175339481Do you have to be in control or are you happy to let others do things to take the pressure off you? Finding a balance can be difficult and for some they struggle to let others take things on. When you are trying to grow a business it is impossible to do everything yourself effectively. Sometimes you have to trust others to take some of the strain from you so that you can spend your time doing the things that will benefit your business more.

If you offer a service that only you can provide there may be tasks like bookkeeping or maybe your social media updates that you are able to delegate to others. There comes a time when you have to accept that you need to delegate to others in order to maximise your effectiveness. You can’t do everything and trying to do everything will only leave you constantly busy and undoubtedly stressed.

Start by delegating something small – a task that you can use to measure

If you are really concerned about relying on others to do things properly perhaps you could start with something small. Find someone that you believe would be the most capable of the task and show them how you like it to be done. Once you have shown them then get them to show you a few times. After you are happy that they are confident and can do the task competently on their own you can perhaps add it to their daily or weekly duties.

What if there is no-one to delegate to?

If you don’t have a team around you to delegate to there are options. Many businesses now use outsourcing to freelancers as a way to get things done. There are specialist freelancer websites that you can use to find people for a whole manner of tasks such as:

  • Marketing
  • Bookkeeping
  • Blog writing
  • Social media updates
  • Presentations
  • Virtual assistants

You don’t have to hire someone blind – each freelancer has a profile about their experience, past jobs and more importantly reviews so you can look at their previous feedback and get a feel for the right person for the job.

Another alternative is to find someone local who comes with a strong recommendation. Facebook is a great way to ask your social network who they would recommend for a specific task. You could ask if anyone knows of a good bookkeeper. You will probably get recommendations from other local business owners who can introduce you to people that they deal with.

You could be too confident when delegating

On the flip side of not being comfortable to delegate you may be too relaxed when it comes to relying on others. Always make sure that you explain the tasks fully when expecting someone else to do them and if they are important tasks make sure you check them before you sign them off as complete.

Like everything in business it is about finding the right balance to allow you to be as successful as possible.