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Jamie Owen BBC WalesWell folks I was in my element yesterday.  Those of you who know me will testify that I do love to chat!  I don’t always mind what about as long as it’s good conversation with interesting people.  So it’s no surprise that yesterday’s radio experience suited me down to the ground.

Last week, joy of joys, I was contacted by BBC Radio Wales and asked if I would be on the Sunday lunchtime chat show with Jamie Owen reviewing the papers.  I regularly encourage others to say yes to new things, because you don’t know what it will bring,  so I decided this was one of those occasions where I had to say yes myself.

So yesterday, I found myself in a live studio for an hour and a half chatting about the week’s news and generally this and that.  With me was Jordan Brookes the winner of the Unsigned Welsh Stand Up Award for 2012, who bought a different take to the stories I had noticed and, I hope, my take was different to those he spoke about.  Not sure the audience was expecting us to discuss twitter, playing tag, exercise and rivalry, but those were some of the stories that we had noticed in the week’s papers and I hope they added some different views and perspectives for the listeners.

The great thing about it was that other guests popped in to chat with us.  We had live music from Newport singer song writer Alan Coles ( and the ladies from theatre productions who spoke about their latest production “Sexual Perversity in Chicago”.  That’s all a change from my usual Sunday roast, that’s for sure!

But the most powerful part of the show had to be when model and lifeguard Emily Shephard ( came in to tell us about her story of having a stroke.  Nineteen year old Emily is not what you would think of as the usual stroke victim and she kindly shared her personal story with us.  Emily is younger than my own daughter and should be out enjoying herself without any cares, instead she needs to work hard to get back her strength and rebuild her world.  Having met her, I have no doubt that she will, indeed, do just this.  A lovely girl who is supporting the work of the Stoke Association here in Wales ( and working to raise the funds she needs to fulfil her dreams.  Thank you Emily for sharing your story so candidly and keep wearing fab shoes that make you smile.

If you missed the show and fancy listening to it here’s the link to BBC iplayer

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