Hay girls we have never had it so good says pants man

Sir Stuart Rose Chairman of Marks and Spencer’s tells us how girls have never had it so good. The best thing Marks ever gave me were good quality pants but Sir Rose tells us women in his workplace have no glass ceiling to worry about although they still do moan about it.

Talking of his staff he says one has 2 or 3 children (well its hard to remember actual facts) and has made her way up the ladder. So obviously no glass ceiling then. Telling the Observer newspaper women had it all and what else did we want then, Sir Rose seems to think having one female fighter pilot who has now joined the red arrows shows just how far equality has come.

Gosh maybe he should spend some time in the shoes (sorry pants) of some of the women I work with.

to read more visit http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/8075642.stm

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