BBC could tell Sir Alan – You’re fired

The BBC it seems are nervous about Sir Alan’s appointment as the new enterprise tsar and how it could compromise their political impartiality. Following calls from senior conservatives for the entrepreneur to stand down from his programme “The Apprentice” the BBC have said they are speaking to him about his future connection with the show.

The next series due to start in March next year, just weeks before the likely date of the next General Election, assuming Gordon Brown is not forced to step down before then.

The connection between Sir Alan and Gordon Brown is obvious yet Sir Alan has stated he is also loyal to the BBC. No doubt the saga will be played out on our screens, will Sir Alan be fired by the BBC or will Gordon Brown lose yet another powerful person from his team.

From this of course could come the opportunity of a new entrepreneur in the hot seat and speculation will become rife, so for what’s its worth I would like to recommend Scot, Michelle Mone of Ultimo Bra success. Unless of course the BBC would consider me, much cheaper option I am sure, but possibly not such an audience puller, ah well a girl can dream.

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