How do you measure success?

shutterstock_130679873How do you know you are doing well? What is your measure of success? For some businesses they just carry on hoping they are doing a good job without assessing the situation. For others though they like to know they are doing a good job and be re-assured that the service or products that they are providing are of a good quality.

There are lots of ways to measure success but for every five clients you please there may be one that isn’t so pleased. They will be the ones that you hear about – not the five happy clients. If you are doing a good job you should be shouting about it and making sure that others see the good service that you are providing. If you aren’t doing a good job you need to take that feedback and make sure you improve.

How do you encourage reviews?

Facebook, Google, Trip Advisor, Amazon and many more websites have a review facility. These are some of the world’s leading websites and they carry a lot of weight with public opinion. Seeing a review there in black and white can determine whether or not someone chooses your product or establishment. How do you encourage reviews? There are several ways to ask people to review their experience with your business:

  1. Send a follow up e-mail. This is popular with hotels. You may have noticed yourself that after checking out of a hotel you get a follow up e-mail asking you to rate your experience. Depending on amount of time lapsed and the difficulty of leaving the review will depend on whether or not people will feel inclined to complete it. Send them a simple survey with a few check boxes shortly after their stay. Leave it too long and it will be a distant memory.
  2. Ask them to quickly fill in a brief note sized questionnaire before they leave the premises. Just a few tick boxes asking for name, email etc. will not only allow you to get feedback but also allow you to capture valuable data which you can then use for future marketing.
  3. Offer an incentive. Some companies, usually larger companies with higher ticket items, will ask you to leave a review in return for the chance to win a prize. It doesn’t have to be a huge prize but adding an incentive gives the customer more of a reason to take the time.
  4. Ask people. If you are a tradesmen going into people’s homes it may be hard to get them to leave a review. Follow up with a phone call and ask them if they are happy with everything. The fact that you have taken the time to call them will go a long way.
  5. Let them know how they can leave a review. If you don’t ask and let people know where they can leave a review it is unlikely that they will go looking. Some people will automatically find a way to leave a review if they are particularly happy but if they don’t know where to go then they won’t.

There are many forms of reviews – word of mouth from one customer to another potential customer, review sites, email surveys, follow up calls and more. The more reviews and feedback you receive the better you will know what your customers want.

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