Six Reasons to join a mastermind group

Depositphotos_31681269_originalEven though Napoleon Hill first spoke about the concept of mastermind groups in his book “Think and grow rich” around 75 years ago, it is still a relatively new concept for business owners in the UK. Yet a mastermind group can help both you and your business by using the collective experiences and ideas of the group to learn and grow together.

If you feel alone in your business, need support and would like to grow your business, a mastermind group could be the solution. If you are still unsure then here are my top six reasons why I joined a mastermind group and now run them for other business owners in the UK.

Feel part of a team

Often as business owner you can miss the benefits of having a team around you. By joining a mastermind group you can avoid the loneliness of success and business ownership by feeling part of a team who can support you, celebrate successes and support you through difficult times. Everyone needs help some times and this can be a great way of gaining support. Don’t feel you will be a burden as everyone in the group will need help from time to time.


When you join a mastermind group there are often collaborative opportunities that come your way. It’s common that projects come to light which can be done in a collaborative way with other members of the group. In addition it is possible to find ways of joining forces and collaborating on various things such as purchasing in bulk, running events together, You name it really, anything where there can be strength in numbers.


No doubt you have loads of connections in your business but could those connections help other people in business? In a mastermind group you will have access to everyone’s connections. This means if you are looking for someone who can help you in your business it is likely that someone else in the group will know someone you can approach.


Yes, I know you have loads of things you mean to do or want to do, but never seem to do them. The group will help to hold you accountable, getting you to set your aims for the coming weeks and months and check in with you on how that’s going; what you are doing to make it happen and support you on the way.

It’s inevitable isn’t it, that when you bring a group of people together there will be a range of expertise in the room. This enables you to learn from each other, share expertise and ask others with specific expertise what they think about your plans. It’s not about getting free help, but rather tapping into their experience while you all discuss things together.

Big ideas, bigger opportunity
Working in a group you often find your ideas are bigger and bolder as you feed off the excitement and confidence of the group.   They can help you see and achieve greater opportunities and help you and your business grow.

Like the idea? So do many others

By bringing together people in similar situations on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis you can form a bond with other business owners, support each other and learn from each other. Together you can review each other’s problems, share experiences of your business and consider ideas. Often mastermind groups are run by a facilitator who is also often a business mentor with many years of business experience, bringing their own knowledge. If you want your business to grow or are looking to make significant changes in your business, join a mastermind group.

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