Mastermind Groups

Want to grow your business?
Join an exclusive group of like-minded female entrepreneurs?

How would it feel to move your business up a notch? Would you like to see your business grow, with a few extra zeroes on the annual bottom line?  Maybe you feel stuck in a rut, working really hard on a business which just isn’t giving you the rewards you deserve. If you want to do something about it and make 2017 the year your business grows then you’re in luck.

The Red Show Biz Academy is opening its doors yet again to a limited number of women for its exclusive mastermind groups each run over either a period of 3 or 6  months, either on-line (virtually) or in Cardiff.  Having a small, focused group of like-minded women is the number one way to get the best results.

wave photoThe Red Shoe Business Academy Mastermind Groups provide a supportive environment for women business owners to learn and grow together.

Join me and other women in business to find out all the tricks and tips which have taken me over two decades to learn. Share and learn with others and watch you and your business grow with my tried and tested methods.

The sessions are run by me, Rebecca Jones, known as “The Red Shoe Biz Woman”. I have been a business owner for over two decades and in that time I have learned the real mechanics behind running a successful business. I promise I have a strong “No fluff here” rule and will always give honest feedback and buckets full of common sense, support and encouragement.

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“You and your business deserve support and the chance to grow.”

I was fortunate to take part in Rebecca's Online Mastermind for Women Who Speak and I found it fabulous from start to finish. Rebecca is professional, knowledgeable, friendly, committed and generous with her advice. She is a great facilitator who brought together a group of women who didn't know each other and created a safe and supportive environment for us to share our business challenges, celebrate our successes and above all commit to actions to grow our business. It was great to see the huge leaps each participant experienced over the programme and I would highly recommend both Rebecca and her mastermind programme if you want professional support to grow your business
Mel Sherwood
Pitch & Presentation Specialist - Multi Award Winning Professional Speaker - 
January 03, 2017

What is a Mastermind Group?

The aim of the group is to develop a strong connection between the members so that they can support and encourage each other to build a stronger more profitable and more sustainable business.

A mastermind group is a collection of people with similar difficulties and development needs coming together to support each other and offer solutions to problems. It is a technique used by some of the most powerful and successful people in the world to solve long-standing issues and to provide unconditional support.

Rebecca will act as your guide, group mentor and facilitator as well as sharing tips, ideas, and learning points along the way. Rebecca has run mastermind groups for the last 10 years in various settings from private business, universities and small business owners. Her university research looked at how to develop enterprising traits through learning and support and this is the basis of her work to this day.

I am so grateful for the business advice Rebecca gave me as part of the Speakers' online mastermind. Rebecca's knowledge and experience of the industry is extensive and her insight and tips were invaluable. Rebecca is a generous, professional business mentor and I have no hesitation recommending her.
Susan Heaton-Wright
Creative Director Viva Live Music - 
January 09, 2017

Benefits of a Mastermind Group

You’ll suddenly have loads of ideas!
Working with like-minded people has been shown to eliminate any emotional blocks we might subconsciously be holding, opening us to the wellspring of creativity we have been missing out on.

You’ll have unwavering support.
Most people who start their own companies find it hard to gather meaningful feedback and support from employees, family members and friends. With the Red Shoe Biz Academy Mastermind Group you will have the backing of many people in similar situations to yourself.

You’ll start growing again.
Resuming your individual growth is just as important as growing your business. With each of our sessions we will go into detail about different aspects of running your business – perhaps things you’ve never even considered before.

It’s a killer networking opportunity!
The people who are in the room with you have connections and information that can help your business grow. You can do the same for them. Now is the time to share and prosper!

You’ll be held accountable.
Joining the mastermind is like having a badge that says ‘NO MORE EXCUSES’. Whatever it takes, we will help you achieve your goals and formulate a plan for future success.

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There are only 8 spaces available for each mastermind group. Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

What is covered by the Mastermind Group?

Each session we will focus on one area of business from topic such as:

      • Business strategy / planning
      • Your expertise and aims for you and business
      • Marketing and sales
      • Finance and accounts
      • Routes to market
      • Developing new ideas
      • Branding/getting your brand out there
      • Looking at contracts and legal elements
      • Collaborative projects and joint ventures

Learning outcomes

I will tailor the content to meet the needs of the group, so you can be sure the content will be relevant to you. In addition the group will look at their own individual problems and difficulties and help you find solutions that suit you and your business which really work. Together you will action plan and totally nail what you should really be doing in your business, hold you accountable if you don’t get on with it.

I've recently worked with Rebecca to develop my the speaking part of my business - but it's been so much more than that. Rebecca's many years in business herself has helped me to see where I need to make some changes that will not only help me improve my speaking opportunities but also benefit my business as a whole. She is a refreshing, down to earth and honest antidote to the minefield of confusing and often misleading advice that's out there for the unsuspecting entrepreneur. I wanted to know what would.S
Susan Ritchie
Leadership & Executive Coach - 
January 09, 2017

By the end of the program you will:

  • Review and develop your business model
  • Refresh your business aims and plans
  • Explore ways to develop yourself as a business owner
  • Take a look at your branding, marketing strategy and marketing skills with real ideas of how to reach new customers
  • Explore strategies to increase your sales
  • Improve your finance and accounting skills
  • Explore routes to market
  • Develop new ideas

What’s included?

  • We will begin by looking at where you are in your business now, and developing a personalised action plan.
  • Each month we will cover a key area of business development that you implement right away.
  • We will problem solve and review your current issues in business as a group.
  • We will develop personalised goals and a timetable. After that, I will then encourage you take action and hold you accountable. All success will be celebrated! (Yay!)
  • Each time we meet we will review your plans and actions, setting new objectives and finding solutions to any barriers you may have encountered whilst moving forward.
  • Each member of the group will have a two-hour coaching session one-to-one with me during the program,
  • There will be online resources to back you up every step of the way.
  • A free online discussion group closed to the group for safe discussions between sessions.
  • Meeting other women in business and benefit from networking.
  • Plus we will meet either in a comfy venue with tea/coffee once a month OR some groups are run on-line to save travel costs and time.

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And the best thing is if you want the women in business group or the women speakers group You can apply right now!

Is this group for me?

This is a powerful, exclusive group. As such, make sure you hit all of the criteria below before you apply:

  • The mastermind groups are exclusive to women
  • You need to commit to all sessions of the program
  • You need to own your business outright or be the majority shareholder
  • You must be selling your own products (this is not suitable for those re-selling one main product, franchise owners or network marketing type businesses)
  • Your business must not be turning over more than £250K (If it is, look out for the ‘high growth’ mastermind group coming soon) and not less than £15k
  • You need to be able to make changes in your business and be willing to do so
  • You will respect the other members of the group and provide support in a mutual fashion

I will be giving away all of my tips, tricks and secrets to 8 lucky female entrepreneurs in each group because:

a) I love to meet new people
b) I want you to succeed in your business
c) I don’t want you to keep struggling on your own

I joined Rebecca's Mastermind group because I've picked up various speaking gigs over the last few years and wanted to dive behind the curtain and find out how the industry works. Both to improve my pricing, product, conversion and marketing AND to understand how big a part of my business I want speaking to be.
"Well - I learnt all that and more. A fantastic group - so generous with their feedback and ideas. The lessons and tips from Rebecca were priceless - they have already led to bookings and prices that I wouldn't have had if I'd not been part of the mastermind. Fastest return I've ever had from investment in learning. Thank you Rebecca."
Chloe Thomas
January 26, 2017

Groups for 2017

On-line group January start for women who speak 
A specialist group looking at how you can use speaking opportunities to build your business or earn an income.

On-line group for January start for women business owners
A group for women wanting to grow their business in 2017.

A face to face group in Cardiff for women who speak – DUE SOON – message me for more information
A specialist group looking at how you can use speaking opportunities to build your business or earn an income.

Please Note:

  • Dates and venues may change – this will be by negotiation whenever possible
  • Sessions will only run when a minimum of 5 people have committed to the group
  • No group will be larger than  8 if on line and 12 people in face to face group
  • The Red Shoe Biz Academy reserves the right to cancel the mastermind group or refuse entry
  • If your chosen group does not run you will be offered a place in another group or a full refund
  • Unlike others I will not guarantee success, but if at any time you don’t feel you have had value for money then I’ll refund you

If you are serious about injecting some energy into your businesses and seeing it grow again head over to the registration page and apply for a place right now. There are only 12 spaces available for each mastermind group. Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

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