On-line Mastermind program for women who speak – February 2017 start

The online mastermind group for women who speak

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Welcome to the latest mastermind program from The Red Shoe Business Academy.  All sessions are run by me, Rebecca Jones, known as “The Red Shoe Biz Woman”. I have been a business owner for over two decades and in that time I have learnt the real mechanics behind running a successful business. I promise I have a strong “No fluff here” rule and will always give honest feedback and buckets full of common sense, support and encouragement which is based on 24 years of my own business experience and working with hundreds of business owners.  I believe any professional can find opportunities to speak.  These can be to earn money from the knowledge shared in your talk or indirectly earning income by raising your profile by speaking at events.

I believe any professional can find opportunities to speak.  These can be to earn money from the knowledge shared in your talk or indirectly earning income by raising your profile by speaking at events.

This on-line program will combine areas of business development and growth as well as speaking.  I aim to show how speaking can become an integrated part of your business.  If you’re looking for someone to tell you that you can earn $$$$$ THOUSANDS $$$$$$$ a day speaking then I’m not for you.  If you’re looking for someone who as developed their own business and personal brand by using speaking then that’s me.

I’m not a millionaire, nor do I profess to be the best, but I have worked with hundreds of women business owners as a coach and as a mastermind group facilitator. I have helped them to grow a business they can be proud of.  I also regularly speak for a variety of audiences nationally and once or twice internationally.  They have included high street banks, national bodies, charity conferences, education conferences, big name brands and some slightly more obscure companies as well as tiny local events that can sometimes pay just as much.

If you want honesty then I’m the one for you.


***Rebecca Jones has been a professional speaker for over 8 years, she is the immediate past president of the Professional Speaking Association in Wales and regularly supports women in business via masterminding and mentoring. She launched her Red Shoe Biz Mastermind groups for women in 2015 and has a specialist group available for women who speak to groups, either to share knowledge, inspire, inform or increase their business visibility. ***

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“You and your business deserve support and the chance to grow.”


Benefits of my Mastermind Group

You’ll suddenly have loads of ideas!
Working with like-minded people has been shown to eliminate any emotional blocks we might subconsciously be holding, opening us to the wellspring of creativity we have been missing out on.

You’ll have unwavering support.
Most people who start their own companies find it hard to gather meaningful feedback and support from employees, family members and friends. With the Red Shoe Biz Academy Mastermind Group you will have the backing of many people in similar situations to yourself.

You’ll start growing again.
Resuming your individual growth is just as important as growing your business. With each of our sessions we will go into detail about different aspects of running your business – perhaps things you’ve never even considered before.

It’s a killer networking opportunity!
The people who are in the room with you have connections and information that can help your business grow. You can do the same for them. Now is the time to share and prosper!

You’ll be held accountable.
Joining the mastermind is like having a badge that says ‘NO MORE EXCUSES’. Whatever it takes, we will help you achieve your goals and formulate a plan for future success.

How the on-line mastermind group will work

The group will meet on-line over the period of 3 months using on-line software ZOOM. Sessions will last 2 hours and be every other week at a pre-agreed time and date. Each session will focus on an area of business and speaking.  Each session you will be asked to consider what you need to do to improve that part of your work and then you will be split into private on-line workgroups to discuss your specific needs and support each other to develop solutions.  Groups will then return to the main group to discuss your ideas and share them with each other.

In addition Rebecca will share her own learning over the last 8 years of developing her own speaking work and interviewing and working with hundreds of other speakers.  Each week you will receive a video with suggestions and ideas of things you can do to improve your speaking work and business. There will be bonus notes and help sheets.  All in all you can’t lose.

What will be covered by the Mastermind Group?

Each session we will focus on one area of business or speaking from topics such as:

    • How to choose your topic
    • What do people book
    • What do people pay for
    • Building a speaker brand
    • Finding speaker gigs
    • How can speaking link into your business strategy / planning
    • Developing your expertise and aims for you and business
    • Marketing and sales for speaking work
    • Finding routes to market
    • Developing new ideas
    • Looking at contracts and payments for speaking
    • Collaborative projects and joint venture

Rebecca will tailor the content to meet the needs of the group, so you can be sure the content will be relevant to you. In addition the group will look at their own individual problems and difficulties and help you find solutions that suit you and your business which really work. Together you will action plan and totally nail what you should really be doing in your business, holding you accountable if you don’t get on with it.

By the end of the course you will:

    • Review and develop your business model
    • Refresh your business aims and plans
    • Explore ways to develop yourself as a speaker and business owner
    • Take a look at your branding and marketing strategy to promote your speaking and develop your business
    • Explore strategies to increase your sales

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There are only 8 spaces available for each mastermind group. Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis.


Your investment costs

The cost for the full 3 month program will be £395 this will include all sessions, videos and materials.  This can be paid in one payment at registration or two payments of £215.

The next group  will run as follows

Month One on-line sessions
February 6th and 20th 10.00am – 12 noon

Month Two on-line sessions 
March 6th and 20th 10.00am – 12 noon

Month Three on-line sessions
April 3rd and 24th 10.ooam – 12 noon

And the best thing is if you book and pay for your place by January 30th you will get an early bird discount and pay just £345not £395 PERFECT

If your application is successful you will be invoiced for the full amount or the first installment which every you selected, this must be paid to secure your place.

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In order to fit the criteria all you need is:

    • To own your own company or be the majority shareholder
    • To be selling your own products
    • Be ready and willing to make big changes and be accountable for your actions
    • Be a woman that uses speaking in her business. That’s it!

Please Note: 

    • Dates may change – this will be by negotiation whenever possible and avoided as much as possible
    • A new group will only run when a minimum of 6 people have committed to the group
    • No group will be larger than 8 people
    • The Red Shoe Biz Academy reserves the right to cancel the mastermind group or refuse entry
    • If your chosen group does not run you will be offered a place in another group or a full refund
    • Unlike others I will not guarantee success, but if at any time you don’t feel you have had value for money then I’ll refund you.

If you are serious about injecting some energy into your businesses and seeing it grow again head over to the registration page and apply for a place right now. There are only 8 spaces available for each mastermind group. Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

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