I can be your mentor

Do you need someone to call upon for advice, a guiding hand, a listening ear and a sounding board?

Running your own business can become lonely and difficult, hence why it is so beneficial to have your own mentor.

I have a limited number of places available for mentoring clients. With my specialised bespoke service, I aim to empower every client with the tools to succeed. Through one-to-one mentoring I can help you to:

    • Get a new business off the ground
    • Generate more income
    • Planning for success and achieving your targets
    • Develop new ideas, products or services
    • Increase motivation
    • Developing the right business model for you
    • Improve your customer service
    • Increase your profile
    • Improve staff management

If you can think of other areas where you need support then drop me a line to check if I can help you. If I can’t then I promise I will say, as for me it’s more important I’m the right person for you.

Why use business enterprise mentoring?

If you are new to business or have years of business experience, a mentor can be valuable for your own development as well as that of the business. Most people I work with are business owners or work in an organisation which needs to develop a new enterprise. But, most importantly, all of them wish to be more successful and develop their enterprise further. We have a chance to discuss your plans, consider the options, work through problems and celebrate your successes without me judging you and your ideas.

Why choose me as your enterprise mentor?

Combining two decades of business experience with my knowledge as a trained coach, educator and mentor, I can support you with proven methods.

I have also lectured a Master’s level program in Enterprise Mentoring and support other mentors and coaches as a kind of a “Mentor’s Mentor”.

Being in business can be lonely and having a mentor can be the answer. Most people I work with are business owners of knowledge-based or service-based businesses although I have worked in the past with owners of factories, hotels, shops and food producers. The one thing they have in common is the desire to have more from their business. Usually they feel that they are working incredibly hard but not gaining the financial rewards they feel they should.

I use my experience as a business owner with over two decades of business experience, my knowledge as a coach and experience as a business mentor to combine business support with personal development. In addition I use my experiences of being a mum to help see you through the confusion of the various demands placed upon you. My children are now growing fast (they’re 24 and 16) but I have started each of my businesses with small children and the demands of family life. I promise you, I get it when it comes to juggling life, career and business. I also promise you that if I don’t think I can help I will give you your money back.

I’m able to support business women in their journey through mentoring support over the telephone or by Skype. Face-to-face sessions can be arranged, at several locations in the UK.

To book your first session

Option One

If you are not sure about working with me or how it will work then use the Contact me button below.  Complete your details, a little background information and tell me why you want mentoring from me. I will personally get back to you to check I’m a suitable mentor for you. We can have a chat about what you need and work out a package for you.  Working with me starts from £60 a month – £250 a month depending not he level of support you need. But we can agree that when we speak.

Contact me

Option two

If you know you want to work with me and are happy to proceed with one of the options available then click buy now button below and proceed to check out. Once your payment is received I will be in touch to agree a suitable time and date for our first session.


Either way, I promise you will have your session really soon. I aim for within five working days of first contact and sometimes even on the same day because I know once you have decided you want help you need it now, not next month.

My coaching and mentoring sessions are providing business owners all over the world with the support to grow their business month by month. I’m so looking forward to working with you and watching you grow.