My business is stuck. What should I do?

my business is stuckIt’s not uncommon for me to hear business owners say:

“Help my business is Stuck”

I know that horrible sinking feeling you get when you don’t know what to do for the best.  Your business is failing and you feel like what can I do to fix it.  You then start dashing around doing all sorts of things to try and pick up trade, find new customers.  You end up with a scatter gun approach.

That’s not great. I should know I’ve tried that.

Then comes the personal confidence crush.  You start to question if you can even do this job.  I mean no one gave yo an interview no one said you could you just decided to be a business owner.

If this is you stop!!!!

Can I suggest you take a few minutes today to make a note of where you and your business are currently at, using my shape up your business barometer?

Print off or copy the scale below and complete it for where you are in your business today. Pin it to the wall or keep it in your diary and review it regularly.  I run a FREE 30 day challenge where we review this on a regular basis throughout the challenge.  For me it is about being able to see how your business and your skills as a business owner are improving.  How on some days you can score yourself low and other days things seem much better.  Taking a balanced view over time is so important in business and stops those knee jerk reactions.

On a scale of 1-10 (1 being low and 10 being high) rate the following by colouring in the appropriate number of squares for each question.


CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR – Shape up your business barometer

Whilst this is only a rough check of where you currently are in your business, it is worth doing so you can see progress as you work through a plan to shape up your business.

Now consider three activities you could do for each area which would help you improve your score, consider what would need to improve and how could you realistically do that.  Another words don’t keep setting yourself targets of earn more money but consider actually activities and tasks you could do to improve things.  When you have the three activities cross off any that realistically you won’t do or can’t currently do and concentrate on those you can do.

Working on those tasks daily, keeping at it and trying your best is likely to help you concentrate on real activities rather than dashing off to do things you think will help.  It can also give you more focus and by reviewing on a weekly basis the business barometer you can see if the activities are helping or if you need to try something new.  This is the type of activity a business mentor will often carry out although of course they will help you to decide not the right activities and improve your focus and support you in your work.  But if you don’t have a mentor you could ask a business friend to help you work through the activityWatch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Are you ready to boost your business, take more control and see a change in just 30 days? Then take a look at my business challenge


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Congratulations on your first step towards getting your business back in shape. Keep an eye on your mailbox for a message from me.

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