Gaining support and committing to growth by using a business mentor

Could a business mentor help you?  Well the reality of business is you can’t do it alone.  At the very least you will need people to help keep you motivated and give you support on your journey.

Family and friends can give you personal and even sometimes practical support in your business. Keep on their good side; you will be calling on them for help at various stages of your business.

I’ve known women whose Mum works in their shop, mother- in- law collects the children from school, Dad does the accounts, partner does the business planning and sister does the marketing.  Like me, you may never have any of your family actually working in the business, but like me you may need to call on them when you have a sick child and a meeting to attend, or when things seem too difficult to keep going, and you need a shoulder to cry on and a bit of a confidence boost.

You need first to ask and then to listen to others

Making and keeping business contacts is key to the success of many businesses.  If you don’t know other business owners now, make it your job to get to know them.  Connecting with other business owners through networks, business clubs, on-line business networks, local chambers of commerce, or just making friends with the shop owners on your street will prove to be invaluable.

Joining in with business communities is a great way of meeting others who have been through or are going through the same as you.  Their stories and support will keep you going and offer you inspiration.

Can a business mentor help?

In a recent survey carried out on my web site well over half of the respondents felt a business mentor or coach would be valuable for a woman who was new to business.  A business mentor is someone with valuable business experience who is able to support you in your business start up and growth, listen to you, give advice and guidance and answer those silly questions which probably aren’t so silly after all.  They will give you all the help they can to enable you to achieve your business vision.

Remember, being in business is not the same as having a 9-5 job.  You will need to ask others for help with your business.

Where can you get support and advice from?

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