Deal with the reality of now, after all thats all you can do!

I don’t know why but as women we do tend to be worriers.  We worry about our family and friends, problems in the world and problems which may or may not occur, we often worry about the future and regularly about the past yet maybe all we should do is
deal with the reality of here and now.Безопасные SEO эксперименты

Learn to live in the moment. Cherish what we have as we don’t know what is likely to happen next week let alone next month or next year.  As a business mentor I am all for planning.  It is important to have business targets, professional aims and personal goals.  It helps us to keep traveling in the right direction.  Sometimes things happen which mean we have to alter our plans but this is normal and in fact healthy to do.  Reviewing our journey so far and our future traveling plans will keep us motivated and  focused.

As a coach to women in business, a mum, wife, daughter and sister I know that some things happen which we didn’t plan for. Sometimes they are good things and sometimes they are things which make us sad.  But if we live life then its fairly likely  that “stuff” will happen to us good and bad. It may distract us from our plans and send us veering off course but how we deal with that “stuff” can really make us stand apart.

Some people seem to be able to handle problems and difficulties and move on accepting that they are part of life and there is little that can be done about the past other than to learn from it and get on with living.  But others seem to get stuck, reviewing, reliving and beating themselves up for something that happened.

Take stock of your reality is it possible to accept things and move on, concentrate on the future and stop living in the past?  

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