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  • In a nutshell

    This book shows you how to start up and grow a business which suits you, your needs and your life. Drawing on the experiences of other women, this book will take you on an exciting journey into the world of entrepreneurship.

    Who this book is for

    faviconWomen wanting to start their own business 

    faviconWomen entrepreneurs

    faviconWomen needing support to get started in their own business

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  • About Rebecca

    Rebecca Jones has always had to balance her business life and family, starting her first business at just 19 years old. After that failed Rebecca become more determined to be a business owner and spent evenings and weekends at college and then university to gain a variety of business and then coaching and teaching qualifications so that not only could she be a better business owner but so she could also help others run a successful business.

    In this first book Rebecca has used her experience as a business woman and her work as a business mentor for business start-up, business growth and development coupled with her straightforward, no-nonsense approach to business.

    As an accomplished public speaker and workshop facilitator on developing an enterprising mindset, Rebecca has inspired audiences to go and do it for themselves.  She now wants you to go and do it for yourself in your own way.



  • faviconChapter 1. Why run your own business?

    faviconChapter 2. Develop a business to suit you and your life

    faviconChapter 3.  Your value system

    faviconChapter 4. Your skills, expertise and characteristics

  • faviconChapter 5. Your business structure and operations

    faviconChapter 6. Develop a business to suit you and your life

    faviconChapter 7. What will success look like for you?

    faviconChapter 8. Your business plan

  • faviconChapter 9. Securing custom

    faviconChapter 10. Keeping customers happy and loyal

    faviconChapter 11. Create a support network

    faviconChapter 12. Building a business through building relationships


This book gives a really clear, overarching perspective on the issues any new female business owner will need to consider when starting out. It’s aimed at both women who may be motivated by business growth and also those who wish to enjoy a career which brings them a greater work-life balance. As an existing business owner, the section on developing your support network is particularly valuable.

Author's imageJane Ryallsuccess for social enterprise - working with community enterprises, charities & co-operatives across the UK.

I recently started my own business and found this book really easy to relate to, as well as it being very practical and focused on building a successful business. It takes you step-by-step through setting up your own business and, importantly, how to run it once it͛s set up. I wish I͛d read this book before I started up and I might not have made some of the mistakes I made. … All in all a fantastic read, hugely informative and very encouraging. A must for anyone starting a business, or looking to improve theirs.

Author's imageSarah DaviesFounder Jambori

Makes you feel you can achieve anything.
This is a really accessible book for any woman thinking about starting her own business. It͛s written in plain English and makes you feel anything is possible. Recommended!

Author's imageSarah JonesOwner of Smart Desk Business Services

This is an inspirational and positive book:” Together we are going to take your dream and turn it into reality now”

Author's imageSue MoulesAuthor

This is the book I would like to have written, well laid out, with a friendly and engaging style, and including all the tips that I might have given to women starting out in business, with many more of Rebecca’s own.

Author's imageDebbie O'connorFounder Motivating Mum UK