Top Tips on building brand reputation

When you start up in business it is a fact that there is little to no awareness of your brand, but building brand reputation is key to business success.   People don’t know who you are or what your business is.  They don’t know what you offer and what amazing things you can do.

All business must start somewhere, and we all need to build and develop our business and its brand.  Building brand awareness is possible at any level.  Obviously some businesses build their brand quickly over a short period of time while others take longer to build brand awareness.  This is down often to resources, be that time, money or expertise.

But it is possible for small business owners just like you to build a brand awareness and reputation and I believe the following tips can help you in your quest to becoming a recognised brand.

  1. Who is your audience? Knowing who you’re promoting your brand to makes it much easier to get it right.  Really understanding the main target market can be the difference between business success and failure.  Saying anyone and everyone isn’t good enough.
  1. What flicks the switches of your potential clients? Once you know your audience you can build brand, marketing messages and products around what they are after, what they want, what makes them connect and say yes to a brand.
  1. Where can I best promote the brand to connect with my audience? Now you know who your promoting to and what your promoting think where do they hang out?
  1. Be sure of your core business principles. Base your business on your values and beliefs as well as those of your audience to ensure you develop a brand others wish to be connected with.
  2. Now build your brand based on your core business principles. If your business aims to be environmentally aware then say so, use it in your brand awareness and make sure you live by these values.  There is nothing worse than a brand contradicting its core business values.
  3. Keep on brand. Make sure your communication, offerings and the way you work are all consistent with your key brand messages  Keep building on these same messages, it may seem repetitive to you but the more you tell people who you are, what you do and how you do it the more they will know it.
  4. Always deliver on the promises you make. If you say you offer quality then make sure you do.  If you offer a 24 hr turnaround on jobs then walk the walk.  If you actually deliver what you promise people will talk about you and tell others about your services or products.  Equally if you don’t deliver on promises they will talk about you even more but not in a way which builds brand and reputation.
  5. Be better than the rest, know your competitors, know what they offer and be better than them, don’t always compete on price as this often doesn’t work but think about quality, level of service. Most people in business only give 90% commitment to their work, make sure you give 100% and give customers an experience they want to share with others as well as repeat again and again.
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