Customer Service: Are you loosing customers because you over promise and under deliver?

Is your business over promising and under delivering causing your customers to leave and beat a path to your competitors door.  I’m sure you already know the phrase in business “under promise over deliver”.  The concept being you can please your customers by giving them more than they had expected when they agreed to buy from you. But it is possible that your over promising to clients and under delivering especially in this busy festive

Christmas is such busy time for many businesses, it’s possible that you are like many others who need their Christmas sales to ensure their business brings in the needed profit elements.  I worry that some businesses are trying to make too much money during the festive period that they forget their promises to their customers around service and quality.

Think carefully about who you promise to look after during the busy festive period.  Are they your usual clients or one off spenders you are unlikely to see again.  So what should you consider and how can you ensure your usually customer care standards are kept high whilst you make the profits you need to succeed in business.

Remember if you promise to deliver something or do something then don’t, you are breaking a promise.  Do you want clients old and new to see you as someone who breaks promises or someone who is honest and realistic about what they can deliver.

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