Shift your life up a gear with this book – Famous isn’t enough by Judy Hoberman

I’ve read lots of business books and books on how to start up your own business over the years but I was interested in this book as its written by one of my business buddies Judy Hoberman.  This is my review of her book Famous Isn’t Enough: Earning Your Fortune As An Entrepreneur

Judy’s first book “Selling in a skirt” is still one of the books I refer to on a regular basis as not only was it an insightful book but I found it easy to read and pick bits out for others when I’m coaching and supporting business owners.

So let’s be clear from the start, this book isn’t a get rich quick book nor will it give you all the steps to business start up.  What Judy has done is open up her heart and mind to you, the reader, about her journey into entrepreneurship and how you could do the same and earn your own fortune (well reasonable living at the very least).  I like the easy going writing style Judy uses and as long as you accept she is American and therefore some of the terms are a little different, then you will love this book too.

Some of the best bits in this book have to be her take away tips, I have to say that because, as I read them, they reminded me of things I often forget to do.  Even as a seasoned business owner I picked up some tips and ideas from this book, but if you are new to business or considering starting your first business, this book could be the thing to give you that final push into entrepreneurship. I particularly loved the chapter on marketing called “Toot your horn” in which Judy explains how, as a business owner, you need to become a one-person marketing machine.Watch The Asian Connection (2016) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

So let’s recap, this book will help you in taking those tentative steps into business, it doesn’t over glamourise business but it will help you understand what the reality will be like.  I love the easy-read style and think it will help you if you’re starting out in business.  Unlike my book which gives you loads more practical steps and actual things you must do to start a business, this book looks at your personal attributes and will help you understand what you must do to be successful.

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