My Business Story

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I started my first business aged 19. I’m not embarrassed to admit it was a disaster. When I think back now, a young woman with a small baby and no experience of running a business had little chance of making it work. But I was sure I could work for myself: I liked the idea of it and other people seemed to manage it. I was far from daft, so surely I could do it too?

The day I closed the business I vowed to try again. I spent the next five years learning about business and took qualifications and courses in just about everything. Heck, I even did an accountancy course, marketing training and management courses. I knew everything about business plans and business growth, in fact more than anyone needs to know.

But I had the education bug and after leaving school with only a handful of qualifications I was now collecting qualifications at a great rate of knots. I decided not to stop there. Whilst working to learn more about running a business I began a part time qualification to become a teacher (PGCE) and started my second business. My training company grew quickly and whilst I had a second child and continued to grow the business I studied for a Master’s in Education, focusing on the education of enterprise and female business owners.

Now – over 16 years and three other businesses later and with years of working with business owners, training them and developing myself – I work as an author and motivational speaker spreading the word about how to grow your own skills as a business owner in order to develop your business.

My first book “Business in Red Shoes” a business start-up book for women was so popular that a new revised edition is due for release this summer (2015) and I have another book due out early 2016. I still run workshops and masterclasses for women in business and host mastermind groups around the country for women business owners who wish to grow their businesses.

I have learnt so much from running my own businesses, being constantly involved in learning and also working with other business owners that I want to share this knowledge with other women in business so they don’t have to struggle like I did. I want women to have businesses they feel proud of and give them the income they need for the effort they put in.

Do you, like me, feel it is possible to be a business owner but you need the right support? Then join us today at The Red Shoe Academy.